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Pluralsight Review 2023: Is It Worth It?

Online learning platforms are the only way for us to get professional improvement in today’s digital age. One can easily learn new skills and enhance the other skills through such platforms while sitting peacefully and freely at home. One such platform that has grabbed the attention of many learners and professionals is Pluralsight.

In this detailed Pluralsight review, we will let you know its features, course offerings, pricing, and several other aspects to determine whether Pluralsight is worth your time and investment or not.

So, buckle up, and let’s explore what Pluralsight has got for us!

What is Pluralsight?

Pluralsight website

Pluralsight is an American online education platform that offers a variety of training courses through videos for software developers, IT administrators, and creative professionals through its website.

Founded in 2004 by Aaron Skonnard, Keith Brown, Fritz Onion, and Bill Williams, Pluralsight has since grown to become a major player in the e-learning space. It is designed for professionals who are always looking to stay up to date with the evolution of technology.

Pluralsight provides deep and broad content in their courses, containing a massive library of 7,000 courses that are taught by their industry experts.

Whether you are a beginner and want to learn the basics or want to master some advanced concepts, Pluralsight is the right choice for you.

How does Pluralsight work?

Navigating Pluralsight is a breeze, thanks largely to its user-friendly interface. After signing up for an account, you can immediately access a plethora of course offerings spanning various topics. Some courses have quizzes and interactive sessions in order to find out what is your understanding of the topics that are covered. Read more about how to download Pluralsight videos here.

Pluralsight also recommends you personalized courses based on your learning style and interests, as it has advanced technology. With Pluralsight, you can learn at your own pace, replaying lectures as needed and marking courses for later viewing. It’s like having a personal tutor available 24/7 at your convenience.

Pluralsight Review: Courses and Features

Pluralsight contains a comprehensive library of courses that focus on technology and digital skills. The courses are divided into several categories, such as software development, IT ops, data professional, information and cybersecurity, and creative professional.

Each of these categories is further divided into JavaScript, Python, Data Science, Networking, 3D Animation, and many more. This amazing online learning platform makes it very easy for learners to find their desired courses and learn something new.

One of the features of Pluralsight that makes it stand out is the in-depth nature of its courses. The courses have multiple modules that cover the topics extensively to help learners get a better understanding. Also, since the platform provides interactive sessions, it makes the learning experience quite great.

Pluralsight has a unique feature that goes by the name “Skill IQ”. It helps you to assess your knowledge in any specific area before starting a course. Based on the results, the platform suggests a personalized learning path for you that is tailored to meet your current skill level and goals.

Another robust feature is Pluralsight’s “Channels.” It allows you to create your playlists of courses and learning paths, which could be shared with team members or colleagues, facilitating collaborative learning. You can also view the course material offline by simply downloading them. It actually helps when there is no internet connectivity.

In terms of content quality, Pluralsight doesn’t disappoint. The courses are being taught by well-experienced industry experts who have extensive knowledge and experience. The video quality is amazing, and the sessions are quite interactive and informative.

In conclusion, we can say that Pluralsight has innovative features that make it an excellent platform for all types of learners.

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Pluralsight C++ Courses Review

Diving into the specifics, Pluralsight’s C++ courses deserve particular attention. This is especially true for IT professionals and software developers who are keen on mastering this highly demanded-programming language. If you are a beginner, an intermediate learner, or an advanced developer, Pluralsight has got you covered.

The C++ learning starts with an introductory course that teaches the fundamental concepts of C++. Pluralsight offers some more advanced courses for intermediate learners. These courses tell us about the in-depth features of C++, including exception handling, templates, and memory management. Then, there are some advanced C++ topics for the pros, including concurrency, debugging, and software optimization.

What stands out in Pluralsight’s C++ courses is the excellent structure and detailed curriculum. Each course is broken down into digestible modules, allowing learners to grasp each concept thoroughly before moving on to the next. These courses not only provide you with quizzes, coding exercises, and hands-on projects, but they also teach you the practical skills that will help you to solve real-world programming problems and challenges.

Just like other courses on Pluralsight, the C++ courses are taught by experienced professionals and industry experts. The instructors explain complex concepts in a simple and easy way which makes it easier for the learners to understand.

In conclusion, If you’re looking to master C++, Pluralsight is undoubtedly a platform worth considering. So, in terms of the C++ courses, the answer to the question, “Is Pluralsight worth it?” is a definite “Yes!”

Pluralsight Python Courses Review

Delving deeper into the course offerings, let’s focus on Pluralsight’s Python courses. Whether you’re a novice programmer or an experienced developer seeking to expand your skill set, Pluralsight’s Python curriculum is well worth exploring.

Starting with a comprehensive introduction to Python, beginners are introduced to the basic syntax, data types, and control flow structures of the language. The course format ensures that first, you get a basic understanding of topics and then proceed to more advanced topics.

Pluralsight’s Python courses stand out for providing structured and comprehensive study material. Each course is meticulously broken down into manageable modules, making it easier for learners to progress and master each concept steadily. These courses not only provide you with quizzes, coding exercises, and hands-on projects, but they also teach you the practical skills that will help you to solve real-world programming problems and challenges.

Echoing the quality seen in other Pluralsight courses, the Python courses are led by seasoned professionals and industry experts. Their teaching style helps us understand complex concepts in simple ways which makes the learning journey enjoyable and rewarding.

In conclusion, if you want to master Python, Pluralsight is the best option for you.

Pluralsight AWS Courses Review

Switching gears, let’s now examine Pluralsight’s AWS (Amazon Web Services) course offerings. For IT professionals, system administrators, and developers who wish to get a better insight and understanding of cloud computing, Pluralsight’s AWS curriculum is a great resource.

Starting with foundational courses, beginners are introduced to the basics of AWS, including setting up an account, navigating the AWS Management Console, and becoming familiar with key AWS services. Pluralsight then offers intermediate and advanced courses that cover more complex topics of AWS, such as virtual private clouds (VPCs), AWS lambda, managing cloud storage with S3, and exploring machine learning services with Amazon Sagemaker.

Pluralsight’s AWS courses are structured, which makes them different and stand out. Each of these courses is divided into modules, which helps the learners to understand each topic thoroughly before moving on to the next. The courses also have quizzes, hands-on labs, and projects that better explain real-world scenarios, which help the learners apply the concepts practically.

Like all the Pluralsight courses, AWS courses are also taught by industry experts who have vast experience and expertise in AWS. Their teaching style, which is quite clear and engaging, makes it easier to understand the complex concepts of cloud computing and makes the learning journey enjoyable and beneficial.

In conclusion, Pluralsight provides a detailed, comprehensive and practical learning experience if you want to master AWS.

Pluralsight Review: Certifications

Digital Art of Certification

When it comes to certifications, Pluralsight undoubtedly shines bright. It is all because the platform partners with some big names to provide certification-based courses. These tech giants are none other than prominent names like Google, Microsoft, and Cisco.

Now imagine getting certifications accredited by them, and thus, you know how valuable they are for your professional portfolio.

These certification courses are very comprehensive and designed after great thought. They cover all the areas needed to pass the certification exam. The professionals behind the courses provide in-depth insights into the subject. In the end, test your knowledge with challenging practice exams that closely mimic the actual test.

No matter if you want to become a certified Azure developer, a Google Cloud engineer, or a cybersecurity specialist, Pluralsight provides a clear path for you toward your destination. Just get on it and earn these industry-recognized certifications!

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Pluralsight Review: Quality and Instructors

Quality plays a significant role in online learning, and Pluralsight hits the mark flawlessly!

The course provides clear, concise, and detailed explanations to make the learning process easier for learners of all levels. The courses provide high-quality video tutorials with a download option so you can view them at your ease, even without an internet connection. But what truly sets Pluralsight apart is the quality of instructors.

Pluralsight courses are taught by experienced professionals and industry experts who bring their practical experience to the table. Their ability to help learners understand complex concepts is exceptional. These instructors not only teach but also provide mentorship and guide learners to achieve their goals.

Also, Pluralsight’s interactive platforms allow the learners to ask questions and engage in discussions with their mentors and peers. Thus, the instructor-led training combined with the collaborative learning environment significantly elevates the quality of education on Pluralsight.

Pluralsight Review: Pricing and Subscription Plans

Next, let’s delve into the financial aspect of Pluralsight – the pricing and subscription plans. Pluralsight offers two main subscription plans: Personal and Business.

  • Personal Plan: The Personal plan is further categorized into Monthly and Annual subscriptions. The monthly subscription cost is $29 which provides complete access to all the courses, learning paths, and skill assessments.
  • Business Plan: The Business plan, intended for team or enterprise learning, is priced at $579 per user per year. It includes all the features of the Personal plan, plus benefits like trend analytics, skills gap analysis, and usage analytics, among others.

Pluralsight also offers a Premium subscription at $449 per year, which includes all the benefits of the Personal plan, plus interactive courses, projects, and exams that help you practice as you learn.

The Annual subscription comes at $299, effectively costing $24.92 per month. This plan offers additional benefits like course completion certificates and offline viewing.

Pluralsight provides value for money in terms of its course quality, comprehensiveness, and interactivity. It also offers free trials, which helps the learners to explore the platform before signing up for a course. So, when asked, “Is Pluralsight worth it?” – considering the depth and breadth of its course offerings along with the flexible pricing options, the answer is strongly positive.

Pluralsight Review: Customer Support

Customer support is a pivotal factor when considering any online service, and Pluralsight excels here as well. They offer a FAQ section where common queries are addressed hence providing self-help for users. For specific or complex queries, Pluralsight provides a support ticket system. Users can submit their issues through a form on the website, and the support team responds in a timely and professional manner.

Pluralsight also has a social media presence where they address questions and provide updates. The platform provides an active community where learners can engage with each other and also seek guidance from peers. Pluralsight provides user satisfaction through its efficient and responsive support system.

So, if you’re asking, “Is Pluralsight worth it?”, considering their attention to user problems and dedication to resolving them, the answer is undoubtedly “Yes!”.

Pluralsight: User Reviews

Turning our attention to user reviews, Pluralsight garners overall positive feedback from its users worldwide. The vast majority of learners appreciate the comprehensiveness and structure of the courses, as well as the depth of knowledge imparted by the instructors. The hands-on projects and quizzes help the learners apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. Users also believe the platform to be user-friendly and have high-quality video resolution which enhances the overall learning experience.

However, like any other platform, Pluralsight has its share of criticism. Some users express dissatisfaction with the platform’s search functionality, finding it challenging to locate specific courses or topics. Others feel that the subscription cost is on the higher end, especially for individuals or small businesses.

Nonetheless, despite these minor shortcomings, the consensus among users remains overwhelmingly positive. Pluralsight provides high quality in terms of education and career advancement. Therefore, if the question is, “Is Pluralsight worth it?” based on user reviews, the answer would be – most certainly, “Yes!”.

Pros of Pluralsight

Pluralsight boasts several significant advantages that set it apart in the bustling sphere of online learning platforms:

  1. Quality of Content: The platform hosts a wealth of high-quality, in-depth courses covering a broad range of topics delivered by industry professionals with superior expertise. The course material is updated regularly to stay relevant.
  2. Variety and Depth: With thousands of courses spanning various domains such as software development, IT operations, and creative professional skills, Pluralsight offers unrivaled depth and breadth of content.
  3. Expert Instructors: Courses are led by seasoned industry professionals and experts who bring a wealth of practical experience to the table, ensuring that the training is applicable to real-world scenarios.
  4. Interactive Learning Tools: Pluralsight offers hands-on projects, skill assessments, and learning paths, promoting an interactive learning experience. These tools help learners to improve their understanding and apply their knowledge in real world.
  5. Flexible Learning: With its easy-to-navigate interface, high-definition video tutorials, and offline viewing capabilities, Pluralsight offers a user-friendly and flexible learning experience.
  6. Reputable Customer Support: Pluralsight is renowned for its efficient customer support system, which includes a comprehensive FAQ section, a responsive ticketing system, and an active social media presence.

Cons of Pluralsight

While Pluralsight triumphs in many areas, there are a few drawbacks that potential users should consider:

  1. Pricing: One of the most common criticisms is the high cost of subscriptions. Pluralsight’s subscription fee, especially for the Premium plan, might be prohibitive for some individuals or small businesses.
  2. Search Functionality: While the platform offers a vast range of courses, some users find it challenging to locate specific courses or topics due to the platform’s search functionality.
  3. Limited Non-Tech Courses: Although Pluralsight excels in tech-related courses, it offers fewer options in non-tech areas. Therefore, it might not be the best choice for someone seeking extensive non-technical content.
  4. No Live Classes: Unlike some of its competitors, Pluralsight doesn’t offer live classes. All the courses are pre-recorded, which might not appeal to learners who prefer interactive, real-time learning.
  5. No Community Interaction: While there is a community forum, it lacks the vibrancy of other platforms’ communities. Some users might miss the opportunity of interactive learning and networking.

So, if you’re asking, “Is Pluralsight worth it?”, considering these pros and cons, the answer may vary depending upon the specific needs and preferences of learners.

Alternatives to Pluralsight

While Pluralsight holds a respectable position in the realm of online learning platforms, it might not fit everyone’s tastes or requirements. Thankfully, there are many other platforms that are the best alternatives with their own unique offerings.

Here are a few noteworthy alternatives to Pluralsight:

LinkedIn Learning (or called Lynda): This platform offers a vast collection of courses across numerous fields. LinkedIn provides great tech content and is strong in business and creativity related topics.

Coursera: Coursera partners with top universities and organizations to offer courses, specializations, and degrees in a variety of subjects. It is known for its best academic rigor and wide range of topics.

Udemy: Boasting a massive library of over 150,000 courses, Udemy is a platform where anyone can create and sell their courses. It covers every subject from tech to arts and is best for those who are looking for very specific courses.

Treehouse: This platform specializes in tech and digital skills, similar to Pluralsight. It is a great platform for beginners in tech and interactive learning methods. This is what makes it stand out.

edX: Founded by Harvard and MIT, edX offers university-level courses from top institutions worldwide. It is a perfect platform for those seeking academic knowledge and even degree programs.

Skillshare: Skillshare offers a broad range of creative courses like design, photography, writing, etc. It’s great for those who prefer project-based, community-driven learning.

Each of these platforms has its pros and cons, similar to Pluralsight. Ultimately, the best one for you will depend on your specific learning goals, budget, and preferred learning style. So, when asking, “Is Pluralsight worth it?”, it’s also worthwhile to explore these alternatives to see if they might serve your needs better.

Is Pluralsight good in 2023?

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Absolutely, Pluralsight remains a leader in the online learning space in 2023. The way it is committed to updating its courses and ensuring that the content remains fresh is what makes it stand out.

Pluralsight also adapts to the changing needs and demands of its users by introducing interactive courses and projects. Also, its user interface is constantly improving, which makes the user experience even better for the learners.

In 2023, whether you’re a tech professional seeking to broaden your knowledge scope or a newbie trying to get a firm grasp on tech concepts, Pluralsight is certainly a worthy platform to consider.

Final Verdict – Is Pluralsight worth it?

So let’s give the final verdict of this Pluralsight review and sum up the answer to the question, “Is Pluralsight worth it?”.

In the grand scheme of online learning platforms, Pluralsight indeed stands out with its in-depth technology and creative professional courses, practical learning tools, and expert-led content. It provides a robust, comprehensive learning environment that’s hard to match.

However, its value truly depends on what you’re seeking from an online learning platform. If you’re a tech professional or enthusiast looking for high-quality, current content, Pluralsight is absolutely worth the investment.

But if you are on a tight budget or seeking non-tech courses, the platform’s limitations are worth considering. Alternatives such as Coursera, Udemy, or LinkedIn Learning might be more suitable in such cases.

Therefore, when asking, “Is Pluralsight worth it?” the answer is that it largely depends on your personal learning needs, preferences, and budget. As with any service, we recommend trying out the free trial before committing to a paid subscription.