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What is a Nanodegree? Its Worth and Benefits

In a world where convenience and flexibility impact our choices, everything needs to be smaller, faster, and easier.

Education has been revolutionized by this phenomenon too, with the introduction of Nanodegrees.

But, what is a Nanodegree, actually?

In simple words, it is an online credential that can be gained in a short amount of time for completing a course on specific skills.

Now, let’s learn more about it and explore the term in detail, Nanodegree programs and their price, scholarship opportunities, and how it is worth it.

What is a Nanodegree? Understanding the Basics

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A nanodegree is an online educational program that focuses on high-demand skills that are completed in the short term.

Typically, these courses last for 3-6 months long and are designed to help students start a career or advance by learning in-demand skills.

These courses are created with the association of leading companies. Thus, it ensures that the knowledge aspirants are gaining totally aligns with the current market needs.

Unlike typical regular degrees that last for years, a Nanodegree can be earned in a matter of months. This is why it is being a popular choice for seekers looking to quickly upskill or switch their careers.

What is a Nanodegree Program?

Nanodegree programs are typically offered by online learning providers such as Udacity, Coursera, and edX. Their professional instructors and industry specialists cover a range of topics from every field and different skills.

Udacity was the first platform to introduce the Nanodegree programs in 2015. Read here to learn more about Udacity’s nanodegree programs and if they are worth it or not.

These programs are a combination of different media, a mix of video lectures, readings, and projects. Students get access to them and get help from mentors and other resources to succeed.

Once a student completes a nanodegree program, he gets a completion certificate. This can be used as proof of his accomplishment and demonstrate his skills to potential employers.

Nanodegree Price: The Costs and Subscriptions

The price of a nanodegree varies depending on the program and the provider. Several factors affect it such as the course subject, its depth, and the length of the program.

However, most nanodegree programs cost between $300 and $1,000 per month. Some providers have the option for upfront payment. This can save students money in the long run.

Monthly subscription models are also offered in some programs, allowing them to complete the course at their own pace. These flexible pricing models are great for the students and ensure that everyone can access the education.

Nanodegree Scholarship: Financial Assistance

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For those who might be deterred by the cost, don’t worry!

Nanodegree scholarships are offered by many platforms which makes it easy for everyone to access these valuable programs without getting heavy on their pockets.

A nanodegree scholarship is a financial aid or reward, given to students and helping them to pay for the cost of a nanodegree program. The amount of money awarded through a nanodegree scholarship can vary. Some scholarships may cover the complete cost of a nanodegree program, while some may only cover a portion of the price.

Students aspiring to be eligible for a nanodegree scholarship have to meet certain criteria, such as having a good GPA, country residence, or maybe a member of a certain underrepresented group. Students are asked to submit an essay or participate in an interview to win the scholarship.

So, if you’re worried about the price of a Nanodegree, definitely look into scholarship opportunities. It makes your learning journey much more affordable!

Benefits of Nanodegree: Why it is worth it

A Nanodegree is worth it because of the multitude of benefits it offers. Below are listed some of these advantages of pursuing a nanodegree:

  • Affordability: Nanodegree programs are much more affordable than those traditional college degrees.
  • Flexibility: Nanodegree programs are online and self-paced, so students can learn at their own convenience.
  • Relevance: Nanodegree programs are designed to teach in-demand skills, so students are more likely to find jobs after completing them.
  • Career advancement: Nanodegree programs can help students advance in their current careers or start new ones.
  • Networking opportunities: Nanodegree programs often provide students with opportunities to network with other professionals in their field.
  • Industry recognition: Nanodegree programs are recognized by many employers as a valuable way to learn in-demand skills.


So, wrapping up the answer to, what is a nanodegree?

It is a powerful educational tool tailored to meet the needs of the modern job market and prepare everyone for it.

With a perfect blend of affordability and flexibility, the certified programs are great for everyone. Whether you’re eyeing a career switch, seeking to upskill, or just wanting to stay current in your field, a Nanodegree program might be your perfect ally.

If still the price tag hinders your way, grab the numerous scholarships offered to make these programs more accessible.

So, what are you waiting for? Explore the world of Nanodegrees today and set yourself on the path to success!