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Is Memrise Good for Spanish? Our Essential Insights

Learning a new language today has been easier than ever, all thanks to the developing online platforms. There are several options in the markets specifically crafted to aid language enthusiasts.

When it comes to languages like Spanish, the hunt becomes more hectic. If you’re browsing to find the best website for learning Spanish, you have probably stumbled upon Memrise. But, like many, you must be wondering, Is Memrise good for Spanish?

No worries, you’re at the right place! Our review of Memrise’s Spanish course provides complete insights and helps you decide if it is worth going for!

What is Memrise?

Is Memrise Good for Spanish?

If you have been searching for language learning platforms, you’ll be familiar with Memrise. If not, let us tell you.

Memrise is a powerful tool, an online learning platform created in 2010. They have many courses to offer now for their users, including the world’s fourth most spoken language, Spanish.

Because of Memrise’s engaging approach, it has been a popular choice for people.

Memrise Spanish Review

Now that we know the basics of Memrise, let’s head over our main topic, Memrise’s Spanish program review. Is it good for learning Spanish? Should you buy their course and invest your efforts in it? Let’s see:

Memrise costs


Memrise offers a free version that gives you access to basic language-learning tools. But to gain full potential, you will have to go for the premium subscription. The cost varies depending on your subscription plan. Monthly subscriptions start at $14.99, while an annual plan offers a deal at around $89.99. For lifetime access, the subscription comes at the price of $199.99.


When it comes to features, Memrise has a good position. The user-friendly platform has tailored the Spanish course to suit every level of learner.

It makes use of mnemonics, flashcards, and spaced repetition, along with new words in the context of sentences, making the overall understanding of Spanish constructively.

The impressive ‘Learn with Locals’ feature that lets you learn from videos of native Spanish speakers.

Memrise Spanish Pros & Cons

Just like the coin has two sides, so does every platform has too. The pros and cons. Without exploring the strengths and weaknesses, a review can never be complete.

So here are the pros and cons of Memrise:


  1. More than One Course: Memrise does not stop with one course; they have a number of Spanish courses catering to learners of all levels.
  2.  Use of Flashcards: The platform does a great job teaching while using flashcards for a better understanding.
  3.  Learn with Locals: Memrise’s ‘Learn with Locals’ feature allows you to learn from native Spanish speakers.


  1. Premium Subscription: Many cutting-edge features, such as offline mode and advanced learning statistics, are locked behind a premium subscription. It can be a setback for many users with tight budgets.
  2.  Lack of Grammar Explanation: While learning vocabulary and phrases with Memrise is great, learning grammar may not be up to point as it does not provide comprehensive explanations.

Alternatives to Memrise

While Memrise is great for learning, it is always good to explore other options as well. The market of language learning platforms offers so much for their users.

Let’s look at some strong contenders to Memrise:

Babbel: Babbel stands in the popular choices for learning languages. The platform emphasizes conversation skills, so learning Spanish can be great with Babbel. Check our complete review of Babbel’s Spanish program.

Rosetta Stone: Known for its immersive method, Rosetta Stone teaches Spanish through visual and audio cues. Check our complete review of Rosetta Stone to learn more.

Busuu: Busuu, with its structured lessons and interactive exercises, offers great learning. For Spanish, it can prove great. Check our review about Busuu for learning Spanish.

Final Thoughts – Is Memrise Good for Spanish?

After carefully reviewing Memrise and its features, we can recommend it for learning Spanish. If you’re a quick learner, the mnemonic flashcards and ‘Learn with Locals’ can prove great for you. While the lack of extensive grammar can be an issue, or the premium cost.

For the best results, we suggest you complement Memrise with other resources. Using additional materials along with Memrise can help you more quickly grasp the Spanish language.

Summing up, Memrise can be a good choice for learning Spanish, and worth giving your time and effort if it meets your learning style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Memrise good for beginners?

Yes, Memrise is suitable for beginners as it offers a wide range of courses tailored to different proficiency levels, including novices. The app adapts to your learning speed, making it a comfortable platform for beginners.

Can I use Memrise offline?

Yes, with a premium subscription, you can learn offline using Memrise. This feature allows you to continue your learning journey without being hindered by internet connectivity issues.

Does Memrise only teach vocabulary?

While Memrise does focus on vocabulary, it also incorporates phrases and context-based learning into its courses. However, detailed grammar explanations are somewhat lacking.