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Is Memrise Free? Comparing its Free & Paid Versions

Alright, language enthusiasts, let’s jump into Memrise, a language-learning app that has been creating a buzz lately. Launched in 2010, the platform has become a popular place for language learners because it not only provides great courses but turns learning into fun.

We are here to answer the question: is Memrise free? Also, what’s the deal with their premium version?

Let’s picture this. It is like choosing between a simple car and one that is fully glammed up. We are going to lay out what each ride has to offer and help you figure out which one to go for.

In this article, we will explore what the free version of Memrise has to offer, what benefits we will get if we go with the premium version, and analyze the differences between both versions.

So, language geeks, are you ready to explore with us? Let’s get started!

Is Memrise Free? Everything you need to know

Student watching an online class, is Memrise free?

Our first question: Is Memrise free?

The answer is Yes! Memrise has a free version. You can find courses in 16 different languages, including popular languages like Spanish, French, and German. There are more languages on it, just a click away. This makes it a great start since the courses are not just free, but quality assured too.

Users get interactive grammar and vocabulary games and also a chance to connect with the community.

The free version is like the basic car model – it does the job, gets you from point A to B, and certainly does not disappoint. But just like a car, it lacks some of the flashier features of the premium version. But for learners who are just starting and might be on a tight budget, this is great and valuable, too.

Imagine getting access to various language courses without a price tag. Isn’t it amazing? This is exactly what Memrise’s free version offers!

Let’s discuss some of the key features of Memrise Free.

  • Course access: The Memrise free version provides access to a wide range of courses and covers basic vocabulary and important phrases that are best suited for beginners.
  • Interactive learning: Memrise uses a gamification technique to teach its learners which makes learning anything but boring using games and flashcards. There are more amazing features that enhance memorization, such as mnemonic devices, quizzes, and repetition.
  • Progress tracking: lost track of your progress? Don’t remember the number of lessons you have completed? This feature of Memrise free helps you monitor your progress proficiency and helps you track the lessons you have completed so far.
  • Offline mode: Memrise has made it easier for learners to learn on the go, anywhere, anytime. Sounds cool, right? Through this feature, you can learn without internet connectivity.

Such great features without a price tag are like a whole package, so who wouldn’t be compelled? We definitely would!

But hey, wait, there’s more to it. Let’s discuss Memrise Premium and see what treasure it has got.

Memrise Premium: level up your language learning!

After building a solid foundation of language learning through Memrise free, let’s explore Memrise premium for a more upgraded version of the learning experience through its additional features.

  • Extensive course content: With this feature, you get access to advanced lessons and specialized content. It’s like jumping from learning ABCs to becoming Shakespeare real quick. Learners can look into specialized topics and vocabulary to improve their fluency.
  • Grammar and pronunciation features: Memrise helps you nail tricky grammar and pronunciation despite teaching only words. This helps the learners perfect their accents and understand grammatical structures.
  • Learning analytics: Memrise Premium lets the learners know their strengths and weaknesses. Once Memrise figures out where you shine and where you need a bit more practice, it tailors the lessons to fit you in a way that suits you the best.
  • Priority customer support: Going premium means becoming a VIP. With priority customer support, the queries are answered right away, hence enhancing the user experience. It is like having a personal guide who is ready to assist you on this language-learning journey and sort out any difficulties by offering a helping hand.

So, if you want a full-on, detailed, and personalized experience, it’s worth upgrading. But if you are learning just fine with the freebies, Memrise has still got your back. It is all about what suits your style on this language-learning rollercoaster!

Memrise Free vs Paid

Balance with question marks in it

Now, let’s dive deep into comparing Memrise free vs paid. We are going to break it down and address the key aspects that are important to language learners.

  • Course availability and depth: Memrise Free has a good selection of courses, especially for beginners, whereas Memrise Paid has a more diverse selection and more advanced and specialized content.
  • Learning approach: Both versions of Memrise use games to make learning fun i.e. gamified approach. However, Memrise Premium has more advanced features such as adaptive learning.
  • Offline access: Both versions of Memrise provide flexibility to learners through offline access to course material. Learners can download the content and then view it without internet connectivity.
  • Progress tracking: Memrise free helps you track your progress over time but Memrise premium tracks your progress more closely and gives you better feedback to help you find your weaknesses and areas of improvement.
  • Cost considerations: Memrise free is like the street food of language learning, which is accessible to all whereas Memrise paid is more like a gourmet meal that comes with added features and costs a bit more.
  • Community engagement: Both versions of Memrise let you interact with other Memrise language learners. It’s like choosing between a casual get-together and a VIP lounge. The crowd is the same, but the atmosphere is different.


When you’re learning languages, think of Memrise like a user friendly cool tool that caters to the needs of both beginners and advanced learners alike. The choice between Memrise Free vs Paid depends on what you like, your goals, and how much money you have got.

Memrise Free gives you a good start, but if you want the full experience, Premium is like opening a treasure chest of language learning resources. It’s more refined and tailored to language lovers who want that little extra something. It’s like upgrading to a fancier version that’s all about making your language learning more fun and personal.

Whether you want to go with the free version or the Premium, Memrise is still your friend for learning languages in an easy and fun way for all types of learners. It’s like your reliable companion on the language learning journey, offering a fun and engaging way to master any language of your choice at your own pace.

So, are you ready to have a language tutor in your pocket? The Memrise adventure awaits, and the choice is yours.

We hope that our article was helpful and sorted your queries.