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How to Get LinkedIn Learning for Free? 5 Easy Ways for Free Access

In a world where everything comes with a price tag, stumbling upon something that’s genuinely “free” is no more than a blessing. Whether it is buying clothes, delicious food, or investing in your education, money is always a requirement.

When we are talking about education, the cost can be quite substantial. LinkedIn Learning, the popular platform for online learning, offers great courses for personal and professional development, but with a hefty amount.

What if we tell you that you can get LinkedIn Learning for free? Yes, absolutely free.

This blog is all about answering the question, ‘How to get LinkedIn Learning for free?’ and providing 5 super easy ways to get free access.

So, it is time to seize the rare opportunities to get a quality education without spending any money!

Let’s get started!

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda), an offshoot of LinkedIn, is a popular site for online learning that provides video courses. The platform offers educational resources and teachings by industry experts across various fields.

With thousands of courses in several different disciplines, LinkedIn Learning is tailored to suit the needs of everyone. Whether you are looking to learn new in-demand skills, sharpen your current skills, or earn a worthwhile LinkedIn professional certificate to boost your LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn Learning has got you covered.

But as we quoted above, it comes with a price. The platform is subscription-based, which means you have to pay per month or subscribe to their annual plan for unlimited access.

So, are you still curious about how to get LinkedIn learning for free? Keep reading, then!

Do You Need a LinkedIn Account to Use LinkedIn Learning?

Before we answer how to get LinkedIn Learning for free, let’s answer a common question that mostly pops up first: Do you need a LinkedIn account to access LinkedIn Learning?

The answer is yes; you do need a LinkedIn account to use LinkedIn Learning. When you sign up for LinkedIn Learning, you are asked to create a LinkedIn profile. This is because LinkedIn Learning is connected with the main LinkedIn platform.

It uses your profile to recommend courses based on your professional interests and the skills you wish to develop. So, not only do you need a LinkedIn account to access LinkedIn Learning, but having an account enhances your learning experience by providing tailored course recommendations. Don’t worry if you don’t have a LinkedIn account yet – setting one up is a simple and quick process, and it opens up a world of networking and learning opportunities!

How to Get LinkedIn Learning for Free?

Getting free access to LinkedIn Learning is much simpler than you think. You only need to know these super easy strategies that we have mentioned below.

Here are a few methods for free access to LinkedIn Learning:

  1. LinkedIn Learning Free Trial: The first and most straightforward way is to sign up for LinkedIn Learning and get their one-month free trial. You can take as many courses as you want without paying any cost for the whole month. Just make sure to cancel the subscription before the trial period ends to avoid getting charged.
  2. Through your Institution Library: Yes, you read that right! Many educational institutions and libraries offer access to LinkedIn Learning for their students. You can check your school library to avail this opportunity.
  3. LinkedIn Learning Events: LinkedIn hosts events or Learning Days where they make several courses free. You only have to keep an eye out for these events and grab them when you get the chance.
  4. LinkedIn Premium Subscription: While this one is not free, it is still worth noting that a LinkedIn Premium subscription gives you access to LinkedIn Learning too. It might be an investment for some, while a blessing for those who already use LinkedIn Premium without knowing this.
  5. Use a Library Card: There’s another great method to get free access. First, you need to obtain a library card. If you’re not in the USA, use a VPN to connect to a USA location. Register for a library card online, even if you’re not located near a library. Use the library’s address for your location and create a unique PIN. Once you have the library card, visit LinkedIn Learning’s website and enter your card number and PIN. Then, set up your free account and start your free unlimited learning!

LinkedIn Learning is a useful investment in education. But these great methods can make this investment without breaking the bank!

We hope you know how to get LinkedIn Learning for free now.

Is LinkedIn Learning Free for College Students?

Three women sitting while holding their laptops

If you are a student, then you will be pleased to know that LinkedIn Learning is indeed free for many college students!

There are numerous universities and colleges around the world that partner with LinkedIn to provide free access to LinkedIn Learning for their students. This lets students supplement their academic education and also work on their professional development by learning new in-demand skills.

Consult your school or college’s career services or IT department and find out if they have this perk or not. If they have, enjoy free LinkedIn Learning, and if they don’t, express your interest because it might encourage them to partner with LinkedIn in the future.

How to Get the Best Out of LinkedIn Learning:

LinkedIn Learning has a wealth of knowledge, and if you want to get the maximum benefit out of it, here are some tips for you:

Use the Learning Path feature: LinkedIn Learning has a special ‘Learning Paths’ that includes a set of courses that are specifically designed to master a particular skill. They are great for getting a grip on specific fields.

Check Course Recommendations: LinkedIn Learning goes through your profile and suggests courses based on it. Make sure to take advantage of these course recommendations!

Engage with the Community: LinkedIn Learning has a community section where you can discuss about the course with other learners. This is great for you to learn more from others.


In this digital era, platforms like LinkedIn Learning provide plentiful resources to help people learn more quickly and affordably.

As we answered how to get LinkedIn learning for free, it must be easy for you to get its free access now. Whether you are a college student or a professional, this is great for everyone to get a wealth of knowledge, and that is absolutely free.