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Are LinkedIn Learning Certificates Worth It in 2023?

Living in this digital era is all about digital learning and credentialing to boost your profile. There are a number of great platforms online that provide ease of learning to students, and also award certifications.

One of these prominent professional online learning platforms is, LinkedIn Learning or formerly called Lynda. Now the question arises, Are LinkedIn Learning certificates worth it? Are they just a shiny accessory on your profile, or do they really hold any significant value in the job market?

Let’s find it out in this comprehensive review about LinkedIn Learning certifications and weigh their value in the job market to examine their true worth!

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning with Lynda, or simply LinkedIn Learning, is a subsidiary of LinkedIn. It is an online learning platform that offers courses in various fields.

With a vast array of courses, tutorials, and video lectures, LinkedIn Learning provides the best opportunity for individuals to gain an advantage and expand their knowledge.

LinkedIn’s broad network powers up LinkedIn Learning, where the e-learning platform provides personalized suggestions to users that are based on their skills and preferences.

After completing the courses, the individuals get a completion certificate that they can display on their LinkedIn profiles and attract potential employers and peers.

Does LinkedIn Learning Give Certificates?

As already mentioned above, LinkedIn Learning does provide certifications upon completion of the courses.

These certificates, or “badges,” are digital credentials that reflect the person’s commitment and professional growth. It shows dedication for learning and upskilling, no matter in which field.

The completion certificates can be displayed on the top of LinkedIn profiles and aim at attracting potential employers. It can be a great way to show your professional development.

Are LinkedIn Learning Certificates Worth it?

Question mark

Now we dive into our real question, ‘Are LinkedIn Learning certificates worth it?’.

A definitive answer to this question can be elusive as the LinkedIn Learning certificate’s worth is largely affected by individual goals and the specific industry in which one operates.

Let’s explain it in detail!

For the students and beginners, these certificates are no less than a gem. Aspiring learners get a boost start for their career as these certificates demonstrate their newly acquired skills.

For job seekers or people who are looking to advance in their careers, these certificates can be quite valuable. These credentials make their profile stand out and show their commitment to their field. This trait is highly prized by many employers.

For hiring managers and recruiters, these LinkedIn Learning certificates might not impress much, as they do not hold the same weight as a degree or a professional certification. But still, it doesn’t devalue them because the certificates are still evidence of the candidate’s commitment to their field.

A point to remember here is that these certificates are more about the skills you acquire and less about the accolade itself. It’s the knowledge and practical learning that counts more in the professional world.

LinkedIn Learning Certificates for Job Hunt

Employer shaking hand with an employee

Can LinkedIn Learning certificates help during the job hunt? Let’s discover it!

LinkedIn Learning certificates can actually provide a competitive edge during the job-hunting process! These certificates show your willingness to learn and evolve in this rapidly growing digital world with frequent new industry trends.

They highlight the skills that are in high demand in the market. This can make the person’s profile stand out among the massive other candidates.

However, it is important to remember that where these certificates exhibit your skillset, they still might not replace the traditional degrees. It can only be beneficial if the learners practically showcase their learned skills and prove their expertise.

The certificates alone can not guarantee a job, but they can certainly enhance a person’s visibility and open the doors to potential opportunities.

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Do LinkedIn Learning Certificates Look Good on Resume?

LinkedIn Learning Certificates can indeed be a positive addition to your resume. In a world that is continuously evolving and industries are rapidly growing, these certificates are significant approval for you. It shows that you are someone who is keen to stay updated and learn new skills.

This is particularly beneficial for the people who are transitioning into new fields. It can also benefit those from the industries that are constantly evolving. LinkedIn Learning Certificates can also fill the gaps in your skillset and display your commitment to self-improvement, which is valued by employers.

But as we explained before, where these certificates can enhance your resume, they still might not carry the same weight and value as a traditional degree or professional certification. Therefore, they should be positioned as supplements to your existing qualifications and not be replacements for formal education.

This is how you can leverage LinkedIn Learning Certificates to make your resume more attractive to potential employers.

Do Employers Look at LinkedIn Certificates?

When answering ‘Are LinkedIn Learning certificates worth it?’, it is important to know whether the employers even look at the LinkedIn learning certificates or not. Because getting a good job and making a career is the sole reason why individuals keep upskilling.

Well, the answer is, Yes. Employers often consider LinkedIn Learning certificates when reviewing a candidate‚Äôs professional profile or resume. These certificates represent the candidate’s dedication to learning and growth. This trait is highly valued in the rapidly growing job market.

Employers now value skills more than just academic education. The practical skills earned from the courses and programs are praiseworthy.

However, in some industries, employers may emphasize formal education. Nonetheless, the LinkedIn learning certificates are still a complement to a candidate’s resume.

Pros and Cons of LinkedIn Learning Certificates

While weighing the value of LinkedIn Learning Certificates, it’s important to look at the potential advantages and disadvantages of them.

Let’s list them here:


  1. These certificates are great for personal and professional growth.
  2. LinkedIn Learning provides certificates in a number of courses, all of which are designed according to the latest trends and technology, thus why the certificates are valued too.
  3. These certificates can be displayed on your profiles and make you stand out of the crowd.
  4. The certificates can be highly valued by potential employers.


  1. LinkedIn Learning Certificates are not accredited by any educational institutions or professional organizations.
  2. Not all employers value these certificates, as some still prefer academic degrees.
  3. While these certificates can enhance your professional profile, they still don’t guarantee a job.

Final Thoughts

Let’s wrap up the answer to are LinkedIn Learning certificates worth it or not.

LinkedIn Learning Certificates can be rewarding in the dynamic world of work where the quest for skills is constant. They are valuable tools that show a person’s self-improvement and keen interest in growing.

This is even praised and valued by many potential employers. However, we cannot expect all recruiters to select candidates solely on the basis of these certificates. They cannot replace the traditional degrees.

So, while LinkedIn Learning is an excellent tool for personal and professional growth, the certificates should only be used to supplement your professional credentials. It should always be paired with practical skills, which can guarantee success and keep you ahead of the competition!