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Are Udacity Courses Free? 9 Best Free Courses to Choose

While signing up on an online e-learning platform, we always come across this question in our mind whether the courses will be worth the investment and time?

And if you are browsing about Udacity, you must be wondering if Udacity courses are free or not.

We’ve written this article to help you find the best free courses on Udacity, an e-learning platform.

What is Udacity?

Are Udacity courses free?

Udacity is a worldwide online learning platform founded in 2011. Its main goal is to help people connect their education with practical skills and job opportunities. Udacity offers specialized “Nanodegree” programs in collaboration with top companies.

These programs cover various subjects like data science, artificial intelligence, programming, and digital marketing. They include interactive lessons, personalized feedback, and real projects to give learners a complete and effective learning experience.

Are Udacity courses free?

Udacity offers both free and paid courses. There are over 200 free courses available. There are paid courses as well which are called Nanodegrees. They include graded projects, mentor support, and career coaching.

Through udacity’s free courses, you can learn about new technologies and skills. They are accessible to beginners, and they offer a wide range of courses such as, programming, data science, and artificial intelligence.

Free courses offered by Udacity

Here are some of the free courses offered by Udacity:

  • Introduction to Machine Learning: This course teaches you the basics of machine learning, including supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning.
  • Data Science for Everyone: This course teaches you the essential skills for data science, including data wrangling, data analysis, and machine learning.
  • Programming in Python: This course teaches you the basics of Python programming.
  • Front-End Web Development: This course teaches you how to build web pages using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Android Development: This course teaches you how to develop Android applications using Java. You will learn how to create applications that run on Android devices.
  • Intro to iOS App Development with Swift: This course teaches you the basics of iOS app development using Swift which is, Apple’s programming language for iOS.
  • Cloud Computing: This course teaches you the basics of cloud computing such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. You will learn to use cloud computing to build and deploy applications.
  • Data Visualization: This course teaches you to create data visualizations that are clear, concise, and effective. This course helps us to learn how to use tools like Tableau and Matplotlib to create data visualizations.
  • Game Development: This course teaches you to develop games using Unity. You will learn to develop 2D and 3D games.

Does Udacity provide a certificate for free courses?

A picture of table with certificate, diary and statue

The free courses are not graded; hence you will not receive a certificate of completion on such courses.

The free courses are not as comprehensive as paid courses which are called “nanodegrees”.

You may need to purchase additional resources such as textbooks to get the most out of free courses.

Overall, through Udacity’s free courses, you can learn new skills and advance you career. Whether you receive a certificate of completion or not, these courses are a good option for beginners who are looking to learn about a new technology or industry.

Benefits of taking Udacity’s free courses

Don’t worry if you don’t get a certificate of completion on taking Udacity’s free courses. You can still learn a great deal of skills and grasp knowledge from these courses. They are taught by experienced instructors so they are high-quality courses.

Since they are self-paced, you can learn at your own pace. These courses offer hands on projects so you can practice what you learn hence gain hands-on experience.

The courses are comprehensive and cover all the essential concepts. They provide access to a community of learners and mentors where you can ask questions and collaborate on projects hence network with other learners. With the right strategies and tips, online learning from these courses can be very effective.


In summary, Udacity offers a fantastic chance for learners of all backgrounds to expand their knowledge and acquire new abilities.

With both free and paid courses, there’s an option for every budget. While free courses may not provide certificates, they do provide valuable knowledge and practical skills.

Even if you are a novice or an expert, Udacity’s range of courses, free and paid both can assist you to accomplish your educational and career goals!