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7 Reasons Why You Should Learn French

Choosing to learn French when the world is becoming increasingly globalized is a life-changing move. 

The charming tongue is not only love-provocative. It’s also a business language and one of the top ten most in-demand globally. 

That explains why the language is utterly handy. Learning it will open you to a world of opportunities and great experiences to enrich your life.

Including a chance to make more money, this blog post introduces you to the top 7 reasons you should master French as a second language. You’ll also learn how you can get started. 

Let’s go. 

Why You Should Learn French

1. Exposure to massive job opportunities 

French proficiency is an incredible career asset when the economy of France is ranked 7th largest globally.

The country leads in modern telecommunications, an industry with unparalleled growth potential. That is to say, there are tons of job opportunities in various multinational companies such as import-exports and airlines as they use French as a working language.

French is also the official language for many international organizations, such as the UN, NATO, UNESCO, and International Red Cross. That accounts for the countless international opportunities if you are proficient in French. 

And, in the international job market, if you can speak a second language fluently, you’ve got a distinct, competitive advantage over other applicants. 

What’s more, as per Georgetown University and data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, French is among the top majors with higher earnings and contributing to less unemployment

2. Expand your cultural awareness 

France is appreciated as a center of high culture. 

From enjoying the melodious Parlez-Moi d’Amour after filling yourself with natural, flavor-full Coq au vin, get an inside peek of a phenomenal world of culture not only in music and food but also fashion, theater, and architecture. 

Also, mastering French presents the best chance to access classical works of renowned French artists, including Victor Hugo and Charles Baudelaire, in their original, native text. 

And thanks to a new, better perspective after learning French, it becomes easier to appreciate other people and their cultures. 

3. Enhance your travel experiences 

You can bet that almost everyone would be interested in visiting France, the world’s top destination center (it attracts about 80 million tourists a year). 

And when you are in the country, traversing the mild climes of the Cote d’Azur and other parts, you want the authentic French experience. With a translator, this is all an imagination. But with the ability to speak French, it’s so enjoyable as you feel like a local. 

And not only France. You feel not just a tourist when visiting other top destinations, including Africa, Canada, Switzerland, and many other regions using French as their official language. 

4. Secure a chance to study in France

France is home to several excellent universities in Europe, including The Sorbonne and Pierre Marie Curie University. 

And the good news is you don’t even need to be a pro at French literacy. With a basic understanding of the language, you increase your chances of being admitted to such universities — and receive a world-class education. 

World-class education aside, the top universities in France offer favorable financial terms. For this reason, the number of international students in the country has increased by 75% in the last decade. 

The low cost of studies is due to the government dedicating 20% of its budget to education. 

And, international students with a good grasp of French can apply for a French government grant to register for a postgraduate program in the country. 

5. Learn more languages with ease

Learning other languages is much easier when you can fluently speak French. 

You can learn Romantic languages that share Latin roots with French, including Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Romanian. And the best part is all these languages are among the most in-demand, alongside French. 

What’s more, about 50% of modern English vocabulary originates from French. So, while developing your French skills, you also hone your English skills. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

6. Develop a better connection to the world

Now, about 220 million people are French speakers globally. Also, after English, French ranks second among the most widely taught languages and is offered as a subject in every continent. 

It’s then crystal clear that French has immensely influenced other cultures, hence why learning the language helps you build a better connection with the world as a whole. 

7. Have fun

If French is recognized globally as a romantic language, you can rightly expect it to be soft and fun. That is why you are bound to find it appealing to learn the language. 

Also, from taking the best online French classes to watching movies with subtitles, the internet provides different methods to make learning French enjoyable. 

And given that the language is analytical, it structures thoughts and develops creative thinking. 

It’s your turn to learn French today 

To master French depends on your level of dedication and interest. 

But as an English speaker, you can take about 24 weeks to grasp the language. 

Where do you start?

The internet offers rich resources you can tap into if you want to join millions of people learning French. 

Looking to start with free resources? Check out the following;

And if you want to level up, you can invest in paid but best-in-class resources. Here are a few;

Final Thoughts

Learning a second language is always a challenge. But the best part with French is there are worthy reasons to master the language. So better take on and enjoy the challenge. 

And as with any other skill, you have to put continual effort into learning this romantic language to succeed. But once done, a new world of opportunities and experiences awaits.