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How to Learn French Faster and Easier – 10 Tips for 2023

Learning French is a life-changing decision in many positive ways.

If you’ve chosen French to be your first foreign language, then you must have heard that the first is always a bit challenging, but after that, learning another language becomes easier. That’s because after gaining experience as a language learner, you develop an in-depth understanding of which learning strategy works the most and which doesn’t. You’ll learn how to focus on valuable techniques while avoiding useless ones. 

If you’re determined to learn French and wondering how to learn it the right way, you’ve come to the right blog post. Here, you’ll get insight on how to learn French faster and easier. So, let’s explore.

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How to Learn French Fast and Easy

apprendre le français

1. Learn French Abroad with an Immersion Program

You must be happy to hear that an immersion program is the fastest and easiest way to learn French. You can also watch videos in French to immerse yourself in spoken French. Under an immersion program, you can spend 1-4 weeks in France or any French-speaking nation. The experience is life-changing, and French students want to stay longer. 

You can accelerate your speed to learn the French language at an upper level while enjoying your holidays. Without any stress, you will benefit from remembering things quickly and easily. Also, the outside ambiance will make you express yourself in French more comfortably.

Living in a French-speaking country benefits students to speak French every day. You can choose your French Immersion Program to visit countries like France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Canada.

2. Take Online Classes

If you take online classes to learn French, you will enjoy many benefits. You get access to a flexible class schedule, home comfort, and a relaxed environment. This enables you to learn French faster and easier with more focus.

Also, online classes will not only help you with grammar lessons but will ensure that you know all the components of the language: listening, writing, reading, and speaking.

3. Use Learning Apps for New Vocabulary

You can use learning apps for new vocabulary for free and learn French more easily. You can download learning apps like Duolingo, Babble, and Memrise to get the most optimal French learning experience. For instance, platforms like Duolingo enables users to enjoy a free trial or a certain number of free beginner classes. If your skills expand, you may need to upgrade to advanced levels in these platforms.

Remember, these language learning apps should be used as a complement to help you learn French faster. You still need a comprehensive learning method.

4. Use Physical And Soft Flashcards To Remember Words

You can use physical and soft flashcards to help remember words as they’re the most straightforward way of memorizing. For instance, you can use the flashcard app Quizlet as it enhances your recalling ability by letting you work step-by-step, by writing sentences and adding photos.

5. Study at Least Two Hours Every Day

This is a challenge; you can learn French faster by studying for at least two hours every day. However, you can make these two hours a fun way to learn French. You have to alternate between the conventional learning methods and the more exciting ones. 

If you love thriller novels, you can start reading them in French. If you prefer a low-intensity read, get French magazines and learn new vocabulary from them, whichever relates to your passions.

Also, make this self-study time more enjoyable by reading comics as its combination of images and text enables a better understanding of the language.

6. Find A Language Partner to Practice French via Chat and Video Calls

Language exchange apps have become the best way to practice French via chat and video calls by finding a language partner. The two best language partner apps, HelloTalk and Tandem, enable you to search and find native French speakers who want to learn English. 

They allow you to set up a language exchange for practicing each other’s target language together to learn more easily and quickly. You can either send voice messages or text to start chatting. But if you get confident with the app, you can use it to do phone calls or video calls.

7. Watch French Netflix Shows With Subtitles

You can watch French Netflix shows with subtitles to learn the language much faster and easier. Apart from exploring new vocabulary and everyday idiomatic expressions, you will also learn while reading the words as the actor pronounces them. You can use the Google Chrome extension Language Reactor to watch subtitles in both French and English. It also includes a dictionary when you hover over a word in the subtitle.

8. Watch YouTube French Vloggers

One of the best ways to expose yourself to the French is by watching YouTube French vloggers. You can watch them for free while acquiring more vocabulary. It’s recommended to have a conversational level of French to fully take advantage.

9. Practice Listening Skills With Music And Lyrics

Like films, French music videos with lyrics are also a great way to learn in a fun and enjoyable way. Music videos are much shorter in duration than shows and movies, so you can use them to learn during a coffee break.

10. Take The Lingoda Super Sprint Challenge

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced French learner, take the Lingoda Super Sprint challenge to learn the language much faster and easier. Lingoda offers 100% cashback when you attend every class while adhering to the rules. This is a great way to learn French for free while keeping you motivated.

The group classes are organized every day and benefit learners to progress rapidly from making small chats to having honest conversations.

You’ll enjoy learning French from native teachers from online classes available nearly 24/7. Their expert-designed curriculums and proven methods will help you build immense confidence in French.

Final Words

Apart from these tips mentioned above for learning French quickly and easily, there can be plenty more. However, if you follow these ten tips to study, practice, and use French in real-life scenarios, you’ll surprise yourself with your progress. Get the best use of this guide and make your French learning journey far better, quicker, and easier than ever before.